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Ormskirk Cricket Club Junior Policy

The aim of this document is to set out the basic policy the club operates in respect of its junior cricket section.  

The main aims of the cricket club are:-

  1. To engage as many young people as possible in the playing and enjoyment of cricket;


  1. To develop the skills of players in a safe environment;


  1. To provide an effective pathway for junior cricketers to play for the club’s adult teams and/or at representative level.


In seeking to implement this policy the club recognises that there can often be a tension between the aims of increasing participation and developing players to the full extent of their ability.  Once Junior players reach the Under 13 age group and above normal cricket rules apply which mean that it cannot always be guaranteed that every player will participate to the same extent in each game.

In 2024 the Club is planning to run two teams at Under 11, Under 13 and also at Under 15’s.  The Club has successfully run two teams in many junior age groups for some years now. The basic idea behind the introduction of two teams has been that one team would play more competitively and the other team have more of an emphasis on participation. The club has a strong history of success with its junior teams both within the local leagues and county-wide that it wishes to continue. It enhances the club’s profile and emphasises the decent standard of cricket that is played at Ormskirk. 

The league structure for 202 is to divide teams into groups based on geography to accommodate the increasing number of teams wishing to play in the League. The leagues are divided into ‘Development’ and ‘Competition’ leagues – managers have entered the teams into appropriate leagues according to ability.  In addition to the League: - 

  • The u11s, u13s and u15s teams will compete in the League Cup 

  • A single team from the u11s, u13s and u15s age groups will compete in the Lancashire Knockout 

. The basic policy for 2024 will remain as follows: -

  • All teams will play competitively. 

  • The younger teams in each age group will also play competitively but with more heed given to participation and development.

  • Joining Ormskirk CC as a Junior Member does not guarantee selection for matches. 

  • Selection for matches will be determined by ability and effort. In simple terms: ability means showing an aptitude for the core cricket skills of batting, bowling and fielding; effort relates to attitude and application shown in training. This will be key in particular at U15 level, with the age groups being mixed, and the players will be eligible for selection for adult senior cricket in the new 4thXI team, who will play league matches on Sundays.

As a final point, parents/carers are reminded that all team managers and coaches at Ormskirk CC are volunteers. We would ask that you please bear this in mind at all times in your dealings with them. 

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