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All 3 teams become Premier League Champions ...

On Saturday the 2nd September, a feat, never before achieved by OCC finally crystallised.

For many weeks, there has been nervous talk of the possibility of all 3 teams wining their respective leagues.

The 1st gained the expected points at Bootle to become Premier League Champions, the 3rds claimed the title at Sefton Park with a resounding 8 wicket win and 20 points.

It was then just down to the 2nds to complete their endeavours to be champions.

After quickly demolishing Birkenhead Park and collecting 25 points there was an outside chance if New Brighton could survive against Sefton Park then the triple was complete.

New Brighton called Ormskirk and provided a live commentary of the last over (a great gesture) .

New Brighton 9 down needed to survive the last over - and they did just that....

The roar that erupted from the Clubhouse was phenomenal , Club History was made.

On a personal note I would like to congratulate all 3 Captains and their teams, the volunteers and members for their support and also for all the committee who work behind the scenes enabling the Club to function as it does.

I am a very proud Chairman .

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