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President's Appeal 2024

Dear Club Members and supporters,

Ormskirk Cricket Club is steeped in history and has been well known for many years throughout local        cricketing circles for its ability to perform at the highest levels both locally and nationally.

However, time, weather, and lack of funding due to other major projects being undertaken have taken their toll on the Pavilion and the ground, and now it's time to refurbish both these areas of the Club.

Ormskirk Cricket Club always aims to keep both player and social member subscriptions as affordable as possible, so everyone can benefit from Club facilities, however occasionally we need to reach out to our membership for that little bit extra. With your generous support, we aim to redecorate our pavilion, refurbish the toilets, acquire new carpets, replace some Pavilion furniture, and create a modern welcoming space for players, spectators, and all who visit.

Externally we plan to repaint the exterior of the Club, make repairs to the roof and its verges and provide new patio furniture at the front of the Clubhouse. Work is already underway to replace the rotting wooden picket fence and replace with recycled plastic fencing ahead of the season starting, this, hopefully should last,    without maintenance for a long time to come.

Your contribution will help us enhance the facilities, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Club and for it also to provide a safe place for local youngsters to learn the basic cricketing skills and provide them with a pathway to higher levels and this, coupled with the success of Tom Hartley  goes to show all youngsters that dreams can come true!

Every donation, large or small, makes a difference, and together, we can preserve our cricketing heritage and strengthen our ties with the local community. As previously we will still be having the option to add a voluntary donation to your subscription, which will be for the same cause.

Thank you for supporting us.



Tim Dickinson



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