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1) Maximum budget of 70m to spend


2) Teams must consist of the following:


• 3 Batsmen

• 3 Bowlers

• 3 All-Rounders

• 1 Wicketkeeper

• 1 Player from any of the categories


3) Teams must contain a minimum of 3 players from each team pool (1XI, 2XI & 3XI).


4)  Managers must nominate a captain and vice-captain for each window. The captain will score double points each week. If the

captain is not available for a game week then the vice captain will score double points in their absence.


5)  Players are awarded points for the first game that they are picked for during a weekend. For example if a player is unavailable on the Saturday but plays on the Sunday then they will score points for the Sunday. If a player plays on both the Saturday and Sunday then they will only score points for the Saturday.

Echo knockout or T20 competitions matches do not count.

Where a Saturday game is abondened, players will not score points if they play on the Sunday.




The season will be broken down into 4 windows so managers will have the opportunity to change their team 3 times after the initial submission

Managers may make up to a maximum of 5 changes before each window deadline (sticking within the 70m budget)


Managers must nominate a captain and vice-captain for each window and this will be fixed for the duration of the window New players who join during a window will be added and available for selection at the start of the next window


Game Window                                                                    Transfer Deadline


1)  Sat 21st Apr - Sat 26th May (6 weeks)                             Friday 20th April

2)  Sat 2nd Jun - Sat 7th Jul (6 weeks)                                  Friday 1st June

3)  Sat 14th Jul - Sat 18th Aug (6 weeks)                              Friday 13th July

4)  Sat 25th Aug - Sat 15th Sep (4 weeks)                             Friday 24th August

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