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The League Cricket Committee take unanimous decision to help clubs.

Following concerns expressed by a number of clubs about the current weather situation and subsequent delays and hold ups in adequately preparing grounds and pitches, the Cricket Committee held on 19 March (including 5 member clubs plus a view from the one club unable to attend) considered the issue at some length.

Taking all available information into account including the latest weather forecasts that the situation is unlikely to improve much in the future, there was unanimous agreement that the start of the season should be put back to Saturday 21 April.

The Committee then considered four options how to slot in the week 1 Saturday fixtures:

1. BH 7 May 2. BH 28 May 3. Sat 12 May (week 5) 4. Sat 22 September - with unanimous agreement that Option 3 - Week 5 Saturday 12 May should be used (Week 7 Saturday 26 May for Sat 3rd X1s). Week 1 will slot in as week 5.

This will now require moving the cup fixtures from 12 May back onto Sundays. It is recognised that there will be some issues with this, although there are sizeable gaps between round 2 and the semi-finals which may provide some leeway.

The reallocation of cup fixtures will be addressed at the Management Committee meeting next Monday (26th).

The Sunday fixtures scheduled for Sunday 15 April should be rearranged by clubs in the normal manner.

It is hoped that this action will enable clubs to be in a significantly better position to start the season.

Liverpool Gin Liverpool Competition Management Committee

20 March 2018

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